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braucht nur extra dynamische vertex attributes oder uniform buffers + ein paar extra function calls http://learnopengl.com/#!Advanced-OpenGL/Instancing http://sol.gfxile.net/instancing.html

multiple meshes in one buffer, drawn at once (to minimize drawcalls) nur möglich, wenn material gleich ist, also wäre instancing genau so gut? + einfacher zu implementieren, außerdem gibts ja VertexData.merge man braucht auch primitive restart. also viel schlimmer zu implementieren

often with only some attributes changing (being streamed)

http://mmmovania.blogspot.de/2012/11/skeletal-animation-and-gpu-skinning.html extra attributes (statisch - weights und bone ids) + uniform buffers (transformationen)

ein bisschen wie batching, hier will man aber die vertex state changes minimieren, also fasst man die hier zusammen und callt dann separate drawcommands. tendenziell sind vertex format state changes relativ cheap. das ist den aufwand nicht wert. höchstens, wenn man es vollständig automatisieren kann.

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There is something you should watch out for. The alignment of any attribute's data should be no less than 4 bytes. So if you have a vec3 of GLushort​s, you can't use that 4th component for a new attribute (such as a vec2 of GLbyte​s). If you want to pack something into that instead of having useless padding, you need to make it a vec4 of GLushort​s.

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Ohne hin soll das ganze Vertex Format auf 4-Byte-Vielfache aligned werden

Why there is no struct/type associated with a VertexFormat. On the one hand packed stuff or types with weird conversions might be tricky (and some work to implement). Also you can not just put all the attributes in a struct and hope for them to be contiguous in memory (and without extra stuff or padding) especially not if you derive from a VertexFormat Baseclass that has virtual methods (because of the vtable). You would have to keep book for every attribute somewhere else anyways. That would leave the possibilty of doing something like this: MyVertexStruct* vertex = vertexData["inPosition"]; with MyVertexStruct being a type that maps the vertex format. Problem: boxMesh, sphereMesh etc. would have to take a template argument, that still would not help them much, since they mostly want to access attributes by hints (e.g. AttributeType::POSITION, etc.). You would need the system already in place anyways.

A way to do it

MyVertexStruct::init(); Mesh.addVertexData(num, MyVertexStruct::vFormat, VertexData::USAGEHINT::STATIC) // returns reference to VertexData // auto data = VertexData.getData -> MyVertexStruct* data[0].position = ...; Mesh.addIndexData()

Mehr nachdenken über: Meshes laden,

Notes for later: Instancing can be implemented by putting the instance data into a separate VertexData object with usage DYNAMIC or STREAM and repeated calls to upload() (even after Mesh.compile) Also there is a need for seeting a divisor for an attribute and to set the number of instances of a mesh (Mesh.setInstances(n)).

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Psychologist , PsyD

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(303) 900-5454
Verified by Psychology Today
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Insights and Options, LLC 3773 Cherry Creek North Drive Suite 735 Denver , Colorado 80209
My practice is based on the view that therapy is a collaborative process where we work together to reach your goal. When things do not go as planned, sometimes skills are needed to change the current way of doing things. Together we will identify the problem and figure out a solution.
I also provide assessments (child and adult) for a wide range of issues, including: learning disorders, ADHD/Executive Functioning, personality/diagnosis/socio-emotional, and adaptive functioning.
I specialize in child/adolescent mood and behavior disorders, child/adult trauma, parenting issues, family therapy and child/adult life cycle issues (divorce, loss, transitions). I have worked in a variety of settings, including: hospitals (inpatient/outpatient), schools, residential and community centers.
Call or Email Michele J Forstot Nadel for a free phone consultation now - (303) 900-5454


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Insights and Options, LLC 3773 Cherry Creek North Drive Suite 735 Denver , Colorado 80209 (303) 900-5454
Types of Therapy
Psychologist Friend, known for 23 years
Other Colleague, known for 7 years
Psychologist Colleague, known for 17 years
Licensed Professional Counselor Colleague, known for 7 years
Psychologist Colleague, known for 7 years
Psychiatrist known for 1 years
Psychiatrist known for 1 years

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